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For more than a decade Exact Technologies has been successfully designing, installing and servicing security solutions for larger enterprises. Our solutions cover the entire range of electronic security including control room systems, access control, analytics and a range for cameras suitable for a variety of situations. The complexity and sophistication required varies widely and depends on both the industry and the specific need of the enterprise. However there are some aspects for which there is no variation – reliability, flexibility and service.

We will not compromise with these and therefore solutions from EXACT Technologies will always represent value for our clients. For more information visit https://exacttech.com.au/.


Our experience and passion for security means we are in the ideal position to deliver systems to smaller businesses and homes.

We understand your peace of mind depends on being able to have confidence in your security system and in those who deliver and install it.

Many features of security systems have only recently become feasible for small business or home. Advances in technology and the evolution of apps means we are now able to delivers robust, effective, easy-to-use systems that are within reach of small business and households.

As with our enterprise clients we will not compromise our principles of reliability, flexibility and quality service. Whether we’re assisting small businesses or home environments, we deliver the same level of quality as we do for our enterprise clients.

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At EXACT, our core belief is that quality security improves quality of life. We believe this applies to every single Australian because we know how much stress can go into worrying about the safety of your home, family, employees, business and belongings.

Everyone at EXACT holds this belief and it shapes the way our security technicians service every client. It is why we provide security systems that are failproof.

We want your quality of life to improve because you have chosen an Exact Smart Security System to eliminate your stress and maximise your peace of mind.

Be proactive, take the first step towards greater peace of mind, today. Contact EXACT Smart Security for a tailor-made safety and security solution.

We’re passionate about providing excellent service, and we pride ourselves on our ability to work with an unflinching focus for each client and their needs.