Smarter Automation

The EXACT Smart Security system features smart automation – advanced technology that learns movement patterns and understands when there’s an irregular occurrence on the property.

Multi-Sensor Learning

Using sensors and real-time data the EXACT Smart Security system learns the usual activity patterns on your premises. Using these patterns the system can manage your lighting system on your behalf and take actions like turning on the light in preparation for your arrival home.

Thermostat Feature not yet available in Australia

Insights Engine

Should our insights engine identify unusual activity patterns it notifies you immediately by text or email. From wherever you are, you can then access the video stream of the area in question, view it in high definition to see what triggered the alert and then take action appropriate to the cause of the trigger.


Our system’s geo-service learns your daily routine and when you’re coming and going. You can set the system to automatically remind you to arm your system, turn the lights on or off .


You can sync any device to your EXACT Smart Security system using our cutting-edge software to control your entire home or office from your phone, computer or tablet. You can also sync it to multiple devices simultaneously, allowing each member of the household to have access.Unique user codes for each family member can be easily generated or deleted, these allow you to give access to all who need it and, importantly, to track who has armed or disabled alarms and when.

Our system is constantly updating itself to continue to operate flawlessly — no need to worry about connectivity issues or power failures. We are committed to your safety, and that’s why we use the best hardware and seamlessly automated software to meet your needs. We’re ten steps ahead of every hypothetical problem that could occur, making EXACT Smart Security is one of the leading security service providers in Australia. Call us today for a quote.

Always Innovative
Always Up to Date

You need smart security technology that stays current. We routinely launch new features and functionality, pushed directly to your devices or app.

With, your smart home or business security keeps up with innovation and will never be outdated.

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