Tell us what’s important to you. Select the features you need from the list below and we’ll provided the Exact Smart Security System to suit.

Exact’s Smart Security, powered by, keeps you protected even if the phone line is cut, power goes out or the control panel is damaged.
Interactive Security
Protect and monitor your property 24/7.

  • Stay secure with advanced tamper-resistant technology
  • Arm your system from anywhere with our mobile app
  • No land-line phone required
Anytime Alerts
Know what’s happening, the moment it happens.

  • Set personal rules to get text, email, video or image alerts for things you care about
  • Receive alerts even when the system is disarmed
  • Works with additional products such as video cameras, locks, garage tilt doors
Image Sensor
Visual verification helps you keep an eye on what’s happening at your property.

  • An advanced, wireless motion sensor with onboard camera
  • Get image alerts sent to your phone when motion is detected, a door is opened, or the alarm is triggered
  • Peek-in at any time from your phone, tablet or computer
Fire & Smoke Alarm
Safeguard your home and get instantly alerted for emergencies such as smoke and fire.

  • Receive real-time text alerts when smoke or fire is detected
Monitor and control the entry points to your home for additional security and convenience.
Monitor and control your door locks from anywhere.

  • Remotely lock or unlock doors, and check lock status at anytime
  • Create lock codes for your kids or visitors and get alerts when they unlock the door
  • Set rules to automatically adjust the locks when you arm or disarm your system
  • Have your doors automatically lock when the system is armed
Garage Doors
Never worry if you ever forget to close the garage door.

  • Get an alert if you forget to close the garage door when you leave home
  • Remotely control the garage door from anywhere with our mobile app
  • Automatically close the garage when you arm the security system
  • Use the mobile app to check if your garage door is open or closed
  • This system is suitable only for tilt style garage doors.
Your system learns and adapts to your needs.
Control your lights for added convenience and security.

  • Schedule lights to automatically turn on and off at specific times of day
  • Set a trigger to adjust the lights whenever you arm or disarm your security system
  • Remotely turn lights on or off with our mobile app
  • Automatically turn on all your lights during an alarm
Get instant visibility into what is happening at home anytime, from anywhere.
Video Monitoring
Your system becomes a 4th dot point. After the colon (“camera:”)
it should say: “720P; 1080P; Wireless; Day & Night Video.

  • Use your mobile app to watch live video or recoded clips
  • Get video alerts with recorded clips sent to your phone
  • Smart capture uses intelligent triggers to record just what you care about

Your system can be configured to include a variety of cameras:
HD 720P, Mobile app, Wireless, Day and Night vision, Smart Clip Capture

Indoor Pan and Tilt Camera

  • Remotely adjustable pan/tilt allows you to view exactly what you want, with high definition, full colour resolution

Indoor Camera with Night vision

  • Infrared night vision provides high definition, full colour resolution and visibility in the dark

Outdoor Night Vision Camera

  • Weatherproof, outdoor camera provides high definition, full colour resolution and visibility in the dark
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