At EXACT Smart Security we’re passionate and committed to providing user-friendly and
interactive security services. Using state-of-the-art technology, our systems allow you to monitor
your premises and activate alarms remotely to create an interactive security service.

Dedicated Connection

You’ll never have to worry about a signal dropping out or losing connection.
Our system uses an interference-proof cellular connection dedicated only to this system – it can’t “go down”.

Intelligent Safeguards

This cutting-edge technology recognises your movements and activity patterns, allowing you to come and go about your life without the alarm getting triggered multiple times a day. Even so, using any device linked to the system you can deactivate the alarm if it goes off without there being a threat.

Unique User Codes

Each member of the household or business place can be given user codes that are easy to generate and disable.

These user codes enable you to view who has armed or disarmed the system, for added security.


The notification feature brings you peace of mind – it will send notifications of activity straight to your smartphone, computer or tablet. Wherever you are, you will be able to monitor people entering and leaving, know who’s armed or disarmed the system and if irregular activity has been detected.

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