At EXACT Smart Security, we are committed to being your best security solution.

Our commitment means much more than just keeping intruders at bay. The safety and wellness of occupants – your family, employees, and guests – are part of our commitment.

So, we have developed EXACT Smart Security Wellness Services.

Our Wellness Services work together with our home security solutions to provide 24/7 emergency response and notifications right to your device in the instance of fire, a medical emergency or an intrusion.

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Monitor Activities of Daily Living & Critical Events

Wellness uses real-time sensor data and intelligent algorithms to establish routine activity patterns, and identify abnormalities and emergency events. Caregivers receive insight into activities of daily living such as:


Nighttime Falls

Sleep Patterns & Sleeplessness

Sedentary Lifestyles or Wandering

Odd & Erratic Eating Habits

Infrequent or Excessive Bathroom Activities

Medication Adherence

We also produce emergency buttons for homes.

These are a great option for people who live independently but require a 24/7 safety net. In the case of an emergency we’ll be there for you at the touch of a button.

Provide Superior Care

With better awareness of your client’s around the clock activity, you can immediately identify and respond to needs. Wellness even assists in detecting nighttime falls, when clients often do not wear alert buttons.

Create Informed Care Plans

We’ll be another set of eyes and your helping hands in keeping your loved ones secure and well cared for. Never again worry about missing a problem with their eating or sleeping patterns or odd or erratic behaviour.

For Senior Living Providers

Our system also integrates Personal Emergency Response pendants that can be worn by the person you’re looking after.

Efficient, Customized Care

This is a huge relief for those who are carers, especially of family members with special needs or Alzheimer patients. If your loved one is wandering around or leaving the house at strange hours, you will be alerted through a notification on your preferred device – phone, tablet, computer.

Use our app on any device – phone, tablet or computer – to remotely manage and control selected systems in your loved one’s home. For example, if they forget to lock the doors or switch off the lights, you can do it for them, straight from your device. You can also control their lighting, thermostat, doors and garage doors from the palm of your hand.

Real-Time Alerts

Our Wellness Services work via sensors and cameras – they intelligently learn the unique activity patterns of home residents.

Multi-Resident View At A Glance

If there’s activity in your home that is out of the ordinary, you will receive a notification and have the capability to immediately check on the cause of the irregularity.

Trend Reporting

Track behavioral changes that could indicate chronic conditions or decline